Custom and personalized orders

How can I place a custom order?
First of all, send me a message with your request, so we can talk about all the details and confirm that I'm able to make it for you. You can use our contact form or send an email to hello@vivastationery.com.

Everything will be clarified before the order is placed. Then you place your order and, if necessary, add a quick note so I remember your customization.

What kind of customizations can you make?
At the moment I can make little modifications to the existing designs in the shop like rearrangements, size changes, color changes, wordings...

Can I request a custom girl?
I'm not making custom girls at the moment due to our current workload. However, I love to hear your ideas and suggestions, and I always keep them in mind for future designs! Please write me if you'd like to share your ideas with me.

Can you translate the kits or the letterings in a sheet?
Yes - I can translate them to Spanish. Contact me if you're interested.

Can I request some lettering changes (headers, titles...)?
Yes - I can change the words or expressions in my kits and other sticker sheets, so they adapt better to your needs. I will keep the same font styles and colours.


I didn't receive my order, what should I do?
If you have waited for at least four weeks since your order was dispatched and still didn't receive it or the tracking information is stuck, please contact us, always through Etsy. We'll contact our post office to claim the lost mail. We'll offer the option to resend the order without extra charges, or to send you a full refund.

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