About Viva Stationery


Who I am and how everything started

Hello! My name is Eva and I'm a happy illustrator based in a small village of northeast Spain. In August 2016, while living and working as a freelance in the UK, I created a small Etsy shop called Viva Stationery, where I started selling hand drawn stickers and paper goodies with my original illustrations. The project has grown so greatly I eventually decided to move the shop to my own website!

The brand was born out of my passion for creating small decorative designs and characters combined with my love for stickers and all kinds of stationery items.  Since I was very young I've been really keen on pretty stationery items, a cute erasers and stamps collector, and a sticker hoarder! Apart form that, you'll probably notice that my illustrations are flooded with an evident influence of kawaii and japanese cultures, and that's because as a teenager I spent countless hours drawing my favourite anime and manga characters (and creating my own too!), which left an obvious mark in my personal style. A mix of those passions, obsessions and interests is what in some way took me to create the Viva world that you know today.

Our goal

Viva is my greatest personal project, where I put all my care and attention so you can enjoy it too. When I design my products I think of the motifs and colours that inspire me the most, that make me feel good, and that I'd love to find for myself and for women who, just like me, want to keep their everyday life as organised, productive and inspiring as possible without neglecting those little details that embellish and make life nicer. I wish you can get inspired and feel identified in some way with my characters, and I hope they can help you create you own life story in your planner or journal!

Running Viva Stationery is an amazing dream come true. I hope Vera and her friends can help you reach your goals and dreams too!

A little more about me

If you'd like to know more about the rest of my works or my career, just visit my online portfolio here:


Or to contact me, please use our contact form or just send us an email to hello@vivastationery.com

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